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Year 11 & 12 - Using libraries

Use libraries online collections to find quality information for your SACE project!

Google doesn't have everything!

As the image to the right indicates, Google doesn't allow access to all resources on the Internet. Many academic or quality resources you need to use for your SACE projects are hidden in the deep web behind pay walls. Libraries around South Australia pay for access to this material on your behalf.

You may be able to discover some academic resources through a Google search but when you try to access the text you will often be asked to pay. We strongly recommend that you don't pay for anything but instead return to one of the recommended libraries: The State Library of South Australia (eResources - you need to get a library card) or the National Library (eResources - you need to get a library card) or your Local Public Library Network to find the resource. Once you find it you are usually required to login with your barcode and password to identify as a member of the library community.

You can access quality resources through the National Library, The State Library of South Australia and your Local Council Library from anywhere 24/7. Use these links to sign up for membership:

Get a National Library Card

Register with the State Library of South Australia

Find your local council library

Find textbooks - Open Textbook Library

Open textbooks are textbooks that have been funded, published, and licensed to be freely used. These books have been reviewed by faculty from a variety of colleges and universities to assess their quality. These books can be downloaded for no cost, or printed at low cost. The library currently includes 708 textbooks, with more being added all the time.


Free access to online textbooks





Use Informit to find Australian material*

Informit is a great database to use to find Australian Content. It is made up of hundreds of small datasets some are full text and some are just citations (describes the source but you may not be able to access all of it).

It contains academic articles but also newspaper articles, government reports and TV programs.

*Available through State and National Libraries