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Thesis Submission

How to prepare and complete submission of your final thesis to Flinders University Library

Submitting your coursework thesis

Submission form for Masters by Coursework (opens in new window)

Applying for an Embargo

By default, your thesis will become immediately available online (after it is has been processed by university staff). If you are currently seeking to have portions published or have other valid reasons why your thesis should not be made available immediately, you can request an 'embargo' through the library submission form. This allows you to choose a period of up to 3 years delay before your thesis becomes public. You should discuss the need for an embargo with your supervisor first. The submission form requires you to put in a reason for your embargo which will then go through a formal approval process.

Step by step instructions

Step 1: Open the submission form and select the 'Register Now' button

Step 2: Fill out your basic personal information. Email addresses will be confidential, but the name and thesis title you enter will be made public so make sure you format and spell them as you would like them to appear (no all caps). Select 'Save and Continue'.

Step 3: Click on the 'Deposit thesis now' button

Step 4: Fill out all of the fields in the 'Step 1: About' section.

  • Double check FLO to ensure you put in the correct topic code, there may be a letter on the end that needs to be included.
  • The PDF version of your abstract is optional, it can be skipped unless your abstract has a number of symbols or characters that may not display correctly online and you'd like to add a static copy of it.
  • Keywords can be brief terms that describe your thesis:

Step 5: Once you have filled everything out, select 'Save and continue' at the bottom

Step 6: On the next page you can use the 'choose file' button to upload the Master Copy of your examined thesis. You can also click on 'Add another file' to upload additional files with data if you submitted those for examination. There is no need to submit examiner comments or other personal communication. You will have an opportunity later on in the process to upload the Library/Open Access version if you have one.

Step 7: Make sure to read and agree to the Authenticity statement and Declaration before marking the two 'I agree' boxes, and again 'Save and continue'.

Step 8: If you have a second Library Copy of your thesis (with confidential or copyright material removed), you can upload this here by marking the second box "my open access version is different".
if you are only submitting the Master Copy, then mark the first option to say that the two are the same.

Step 9: To upload the Library Copy for public access (if you picked the second one), use the same method as before to add the file. Once uploaded, it will appear like this:

Step 10: Read the Copyright Statement and mark the 'I agree' box.

Step 11: If you are ready for your thesis to become available immediately (after staff processing), select the 'Request immediately' box. Choose 'Request embargo' if you need to delay the date that your thesis becomes public.

Step 12: If you selected an embargo, you can now choose the duration of your embargo. Your thesis will eventually become public after the chosen time. You are required to also provide a reason (e.g. details about a forthcoming publication) and mark off on the Embargo statement. Your embargo will need to be formally approved, it is not automatically granted. Save and continue.

Step 16: Double check all of the details you have submitted. If anything needs correcting, you can navigate back to the previous steps to fix them. Once everything is ready, select 'Submit for publication'



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