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Thesis Submission

How to prepare and complete submission of your final thesis to Flinders University Library

Thesis formatting

You have the option to submit two versions of your thesis to the library, allowing you to submit a master copy in addition to a separate public version where you can remove copyright material or confidential aspects (such as your signature, confidential data, or personal emails that you put in the appendices).

Version 1: Examined Thesis
Master copy of your as-examined thesis, will not be made public if you submit a separate Open Access version. 

1. Make sure your thesis has a title page (see ‘order and format of contents’ in Laying out your thesis).
You do not need to change any other formatting elements (ie font, size etc.) for the library copies of your thesis.

2. Convert your thesis to a PDF

3. Name your file ‘SurnameThesisYear_MasterCopy.pdf’

4. Keep data files (other than appendices) separate, as they can be submitted as additional files

Version 2: Open Access Thesis

Version of your thesis which will available for the public to read via the Library, after any applicable embargo periods. May have portions removed because of copyright restriction or due to confidentiality.

1 . Go to the Microsoft word version of your thesis that includes the completed cover page and save a separate PDF copy of it, named ‘SurnameThesisYear_LibraryCopy.pdf’. Do not include 'Master Copy' in the file name, you want to make sure this new file does not overwrite your official thesis.

2. It is best to amend this version of your thesis from the PDF file rather than from Word, as it will avoid disrupting page numbering and citation management. PDFs can be edited in Adobe Pro which is available on university computers.
To do this, open your new thesis PDF file, click on the Tools banner and select 'edit PDF'.


3. ​Delete your signature on the declaration page so that it will not be visible to the public (you may choose to retain it if you prefer, but this is not recommended for privacy reasons).

4. Remove any third party copyright material that you did not obtain permission to include. Replace with a notice that says “Removed due to copyright restriction”.

5. Consider removing any material from your appendices that you only included for the benefit of your examiners and which may not have been intended for public viewing. Examples include letters of recommendation and correspondence. To keep your page numbering in tact, you can keep the headings for each appendix, but delete the content and replace with a statement that says “Content removed for privacy reasons”.

6. Redact any other confidential material.

7. Save file, it is now ready to submit.

If you plan on making your Master Copy available to the public as is, you do not need to create or submit a separate open access version. The Library will not approve your Master Copy if it contains third party copyright material.


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