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Reasons for Social Work: SOAD1008 Assignment 1

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Assignment 1 (due by midnight Sun 13th September 2015)

      Students are to choose ONE of the following topics to address below:

  • Q.1 It is crucial for social workers to understand the implications of poverty. Why?
  • Q.2 Define and describe the five modes of social work and link to historical social work activities or movements.
  • Q.3 Discuss why context is important to social problems. Provide examples.
  • Q.4 Identify your reasons for social work as they relate to any or all of the five social work modes of practice.


How to use this guide:

  • First check the 'Encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries' page: to find key words, concepts and overviews
  • Then choose the page relevant to your question: check the tabs to be guided through the following processes...
    • Using reading lists
    • Defining keywords
    • Searching in FindIt@Flinders
    • Using databases

        (Note: each "using reading lists" page takes a slightly different approach to searching so it's worth checking them all)

  • Evaluate your results: adjust your search or try a different search tool if needed
  • Have a look at websites: for 'grey literature', statistics, codes of ethics etc.
  • ...and finally: check the 'Topic educational aims' and Topic outcomes' tabs on this page to assess how you're travelling.

Don't forget: if you need additional help please contact your Liaison Librarians (details on the right).

Keep in mind the educational aims outlined in the topic guide.

Topic/Educational Aims:

  1. Introduce the student to diverse views and historical intentions of social work, including some of the politics of social work as a profession
  2. Explore this diversity of views from a range of perspectives; the state, civil society, clients and citizens
  3. Introduce the student to what is distinct and common to social work
  4. Explore the values and human rights base of social work and theoretical knowledge
  5. Introduce social work fields, modes and methods
  6. Establish a basis for future studies and social work identity development

Also be mindful of the expected outcomes for the course. 

Topic Outcomes:

  1. Be familiar with the history of the development of social work and the relevance for contemporary professional practice
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of what is the core or common value base of social work
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the notion of fields, models and methods of practice in social work
  4. Be able to articulate social work values including those endorsed by AASW Code of Ethics
  5. Be able to articulate a range of reasons for social work (including your own reasons).

Reasons for Social Work: SOAD1008 Assignment 1

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