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Types of Research

Primary Research

What is Primary Research?

Primary research is new research, carried out to answer specific issues or questions. It can be research you carry out yourself.

How to identify a contemporary primary source?

  • Reports independent data collected during a clinical trial or study
  • Written by the researchers who have conducted the study
  • Abstract contains specific information about the subjects of the study, eg., age- range, gender, total number of participants
  • Hypothesis and purpose of the research is presented
  • Research results are followed by a discussion and interpretation
  • Appendices, References, or Works cited sections may include questionnaires or survey instruments.


Source: LibGuides at Jefferson College of Health Sciences http://libguides.jchs.edu

What are Historical Primary Sources?

A historical primary source is a document or physical object written or created during the time under study. These sources were present during an experience or time period under study and offer an inside view of a particular event,

How to identify an historical primary source?

  • Original documents, including excerpts and translations: Diaries, speeches, manuscripts, letters, interviews, news film footage, autobiographies, official records
  • Creative works: poetry, drama, novels, music, art
  • Relics and artefacts: pottery, furniture, clothing, buildings

Source: http://www.princeton.edu/~refdesk/primary2.html


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