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Open Access Scholarship

This Guide provides information about Open Scholarship, including the Flinders Academic Commons and issues associated with funder mandate compliance. It is intended for researchers at Flinders University.

Predatory Publishing

Use the following sources to determine a journal or publisher's credentials.

For journals:

  • Look at the editorial and submission policies of the Journal.
  • Check the quality and scholarly content of the Journal.
  • Use third party sources to verify publisher claims on where a Journal is indexed.
  • Verify editorial board by confirmation on editors’ professional research profiles.
  • Use Think. Check. Submit. to determine a Journal's credentials.

Some indicators of legitimate publishers:

Membership of COPE, DOAJ, OASPA and STM require adherence to codes of conduct based on commitments to standard publishing practices. These are good indicators of quality publishers. Legitimate publishers should make their conditions for open access transparent, including costs associated with publishing as well as Open Access license conditions (Creative Commons).

See also the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing, by OASPA.

If you are suspicious of a journal or publisher please contact the Flinders University Library for assistance -- researchlibrarians@flinders.edu.au


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