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Open Access Scholarship

This Guide provides information about Open Scholarship, including the Flinders Academic Commons and issues associated with funder mandate compliance. It is intended for researchers at Flinders University.

What is Open Scholarship?

Open Scholarship is about making research visible and sharing knowledge. Open access publications, open data, open educational resources, and open source software share this common principle.

Open Scholarship has its origins in the open access movement, formalised by the Budapest Open Access Initiative in 2002 and defined as: 

Open Access (OA) material is digital, online, freely accessible and free of most copyright and licencing restrictions.


This guide provides information about Open Scholarship including open access publishing and the Flinders Academic Commons, open data, and funder compliance. It is intended to for researchers at Flinders University.

Why Open Scholarship?

Open Scholarship benefits everyone.  

In a global scholarly environment of increasing volume and complexity open scholarship practices can fuel innovation and further global knowledge. Disseminating work through open access channels means that researchers in less resourced institutions, practitioners in the field and the general public can share findings – including academics in Australasian institutions.

Open Scholarship accelerates the pace of discovery and the translation of research into benefits for the public by sharing results with other researchers in a timely manner who can build on it, and with practitioners who can apply the new knowledge.

The taxpayer supports the research, the writing up of results, and the peer review and editing process. Open Scholarship allows these taxpayers to see these findings without having to pay to view.

Open Scholarship enables a wider audience and more citations. There is considerable evidence that reaching more readers by making work openly accessible results in citable articles being cited more. Open Scholarship also allows institutions a wider audience for their outputs.

Text adapted from Griffith University Library under CC BY 4.0.

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