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What DVDs are in the library?

  • Movies
  • TV series
  • Documentaries
  • Recorded lecture series.

Why do I need to use them?

  • Documentaries contain factual information that may be relevant to your topic, but are not necessarily scholarly or referenced.
  • Recorded lectures are on specific topics and are usually given by known academic experts. They are not peer-reviewed but can be used as background information for your topic. You may also be asked to watch a specific lecture or lecture series for your class.
  • If you study subjects such as Drama, English or Screen and Media, you may need to watch certain movies or TV shows for your classes.

How do I find them?

  • DVDs can be found in FindIt@Flinders just like books.
  • Limit your FindIt search to "Books, Journals, DVDs & More".
  • Just like books, DVDs are sorted by Dewey Decimal number.
  • DVDs are shelved in the Audio-Visual (AV) collection in each library branch. Check the library map link for their locations.


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