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Conference Papers

What are Conference Papers?

  • Also from workshops, symposiums etc.
  • Papers researchers have produced for conferences are published in what are called conference proceedings
  • They can be difficult to find and sometimes not all of the paper is published.
  • They are usually distributed as printed volumes or in electronic form.  They may be considered as grey literature.
  • Proceedings are published in-house by the organizing institution of the conference or via an academic publisher. Sometimes Conference proceedings are published as supplements or special editions of an academic journal.

Why do I need to use them?

  • Good for keeping up with very current research in your field.
  • Good background information on a subject or area of interest.

How do I find them?

  • Findit@Flinders
  • Library research databases
  • Google
  • Trove
  • Other Libraries/ Libraries Australia/Trove


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