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Flinders University Library
Search Smart

Search Smart Orientation: Getting Started

Research Skills

The library provides a large range of information types from the type of academic sources your lecturers will be expecting you to use for your research. This includes journal articles, readings, books, conference papers and thesis.

We also provide access to a range of media including national and international newspapers and streamed media etc. Click here for more information  about searching and using each of these information types.

FindIt@Flinders is an excellent place to start your research, as it will help you find and access thousands of journal articles, ebooks, newspaper articles, media and more.

The library also provides access to many other search tools including over 300 research databases. Click through to the Research Tools Library guide for help on the best search tools to use to find resources for your research, as well as tips on how to use them.

With access to so many search tools and so many resources it can be tricky finding exactly what you need. Click through to the Search Strategies library guide for lots of tips and strategies for searching library search tools. The guide includes information about using keywords, Boolean searching, truncation, wildcards, phrases & subject headings.

Primary, Secondary, Quantitative and Qualitative Research - do you need help understanding these terms?

For more information on identifying different types of academic research click here.

Peer Reviewed articles are written by academics for an academic audience.  They have gone through a quality control process called Peer Review where experts in the field have agreed that the methodology and arguments are sound. You can find peer review articles in FindIt@Flinders and many of our library databases.

Watch the video below on how to find peer review articles in FindIt@Flinders or follow this link for further information.

Understanding how to assess the credibility of the information you come across in your study and research is essential.

Click through to a Library Skills guide to help you evaluate sources before you use them in your assignments.

We are always here to help.  Here's how to contact us:

Library World

Library World introduces you to the world of academic, scholarly information.

Like an unfamiliar country, it has its own language and customs, which can be difficult to understand.
Finding appropriate information for your assessments can be hard and often confusing.

We interviewed 40 academics and students at Flinders to share their experience and expertise to help get you started on your Library World journey.


Click on the image to be taken through to the Library World FLO topic. 
All students are automatically enrolled and can access the topic via the 'additional' tab in FLO.