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Scopus Author ID

Why Scopus Author ID?

  • Scopus publication data feeds into ResearchNow. Research Now only accepts one Scopus Author ID. 
  • Getting your data right in Scopus streamlines your ResearchNow record and helps you keep it up-to-date. 
  • A unified Scopus Author ID provides a complete profile and citation overview. Scopus is one the major sources for bibliometric information used in the scholarly community.
  • Check and merge duplicate profiles once or twice a year. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the next 2 tabs to merge duplicate Scopus Author ID profiles and link your Scopus & ORCID profiles. 


Scopus will update your profile affiliation with the affiliation of your most recently published (and indexed) paper. Ensure your affiliation is to Flinders University. 

Scopus Author ID Researcher Profile Management

Merge multiple Scopus Author ID profiles into one to ensure your complete citation overview is available at a moments notice. Add your Scopus Author ID to ResearchNow to make populating your researcher profile simple. 

1. Go to Library FindIt via the Okta dashboard.

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2. Go to Scopus via the Library A-Z database list. 


3. In Author search, search by name. 


4. Select all name variants and select to Request to merge authorsYou must sign-in (or create a Scopus account). 


6. Select proceed to make changes. 


7. Select name preference from drop-down list. 


8. Select if you are making changes to your personal profile or doing this on someone else's behalf. 


9. Review the documents and select publications. 


10. Are there missing publications? Search and add missing publications here. 


11. Review your affiliation and select Flinders University. 


12. Submit. 


Link ORCID and Scopus

1. Go to Author details page, select Connect to ORCID


2. Follow instructions.