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Archives and unpublised information

Archives are special, organised collections of unpublished material. Archive is also the term used for the institution holding the collection.


Organisations, companies, and members of the community often donate their own 'archives' to add to the information about social, community and political life that is collected for researchers and future generations.


Archives can be found in government institutions, universities or private organisations.

Public Records: South Australian and Australian archival records

State Records of South Australia (SRSA)

SRSA holds the government archives of South Australia, covering state and local government administration within South Australia. The State Records collection holds many maps, plans, registers, films and photographs, in addition to thousands of documents dating from the earliest days of European settlement to recent times. http://www.archives.sa.gov.au/

SRSA also houses the South Australian branch of the National Archives of Australia.


National Archives of Australia (NAA)

The National Archives of Australia (NAA) can be accessed from each state and territory in Australia.  The local NAA branch in South Australia is physically accessible via State Records of South Australia (SRSA).


State Library of South Australia (SLSA)  [editing]

In addition to traditional library resources, the Sate Library of South Australia holds Archival and special collections preserving South Australian heritage and Australiana records, business records, church records state heritage. 


South Australian Museum (SAM)

South Australian Governemnt research and collecting institution; holding collections in the Biological Sciences, Humanities, Mineral sciences, Palaeontology, and Information resources including the Ara Iritja project, Library and Archives. http://www.samuseum.sa.gov.au/collections/information-resources

South Australian Museum Archives 

The specialised knowledge contained in the Museum’s archives contributes to a better understanding of Indigenous culture, geological diversity and biodiversity.


Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS

AIATSIS is Australia's largest and most recognised research, collections and publishing organisation of indigenous Australian material. The Collection is includes films, photographs, Audio, audiovisual, print and other resource materials for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies. AIATSIS aims to promote and raise awareness of the richness and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories.


National Film and Sound Archive


Public Records

Public records from other state archival authorities


Archival collections contain unique records and, as a result, access is generally tightly controlled. Archives often have special storage conditions and expert staff to organise and preserve the items and guidelines about what they collect and who can see the material. Locating primary material Librarians and archivists create finding aids in order to provide information about the arrangement, content and context of an archival collection. Many finding aids are available online through the website of the institution where the material is located. Some institutions may have provided detailed information about their archival collections in an online searchable database. Also, institutions can contribute details of their archival holdings to Trove, the National Library of Australia’s single search gateway (in Trove this material is referred to as ‘Diaries, Letters, Archives’).


National Film and Sound Archive