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Readings for Topic Coordinators

Create your topic readings list

Roll over your Readings list

Roll over your Readings list.

You are able to roll over your Reading list from one year, semester or availability to another by using the Roll over list function in the options (...) menu within your Readings list.

Please be aware you can only roll over a list to the same topic code and only for topics you are listed as Topic Coordinator against. If you have any issues please contact the Learning Access team via the Readings query in Service One.

To rollover a list you need to be in the list you want to rollover NOT the site you want to rollover to.

* To see how to rollover a list from the new FLO site please see the section below: Navigate to an old list.

1) Once in the list you wish to Roll over, go to the options menu and select Roll Over list


2) Either select your topic from the drop down or search for the topic code availability. Please note if you are unable to find the code it may mean you are not listed as Topic Coordinator or the topic may not be in the system correctly - contact the Learning Access team via the Readings query in Service One.


HINT : Make sure you select the code that matches your FLO short code, the short code can be found at the top of your FLO site. (i.e if it is a shared site choose the code with Shared_ at the start)

3) You may wish to remove the "Rolled over" status or change the name of your Reading list. Then click Roll over.


4) This will now roll over the list to the new topic code - you will remain in the old version and need to navigate to the new rolled over list (HINT : click the link in your FLO site).

Please be aware if your list is long it may take a few extra seconds.

The library will be alerted that the list has been rolled over and will do the final processing (some copyright materials may require checks and final approvals)



Navigate to an old list

When you are setting up a new FLO site and you wish to use an old Readings list follow the Readings link in your FLO site.

A) Click "Leave this page and explore the application"


B) Remove the topic code filter that limits the search, this will then show all the lists you are an owner for. Select the old list you wish to rollover and follow steps 1-4.


For help contact the Learning Access team via the Readings query in Service One.

Have questions? Need help?

Contact the Learning Access Team via the Readings query in Service One