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Readings for Topic Coordinators

Create your topic readings list

Edit your Readings lists

You can move sections and citations to suit your teaching needs.

There are two main ways to move sections and citations in your list.

1. Drag and Drop.

2. "Move it"


1a) Drag and drop sections: Use the toggle section view to contract all sections, then drag and drop section into place.

1b) Drag and drop citations: Use the toggle section view to expand the sections, then drag and drop section into place. You need to have the section you are moving the citation to expanded or it won't work.


2a) "Move it" sections: You can also use the "Move it" function (click the ellipsis) to move multiple sections at once. Sections do not need to be expanded for this to work (unless you are just moving the citations to a different position within the same section)

2b) "Move it" citations: The "Move it" function is particularly helpful if you need to move multiple citations into week/ module order. You can use the "Move it" function to select all the citations for a specific week and move them at once. Please note it is a bulk move of all the items in you 'bag' so remember to only select the citations you want to move and group together.

  •  'Move' the citations you want to bulk move.

  • You can see how many items are in your 'Bag' in the top corner, and the citations will appear in the right hand column. Items will remain on your reading list, even if you remove them from your Bag. 

Choose the section or area of the list where you want to move (or copy) the citations to. Please note you can only move items from your bag to the list you are currently working in. To use the same items in a different list, save them to 'My collection'.

Once moved the citations will automatically disappear from your Bag.

Use sections to group readings together, by week, module, or theme.

To add a new section click on New Section at the top of your Reading list, a new section will automatically appear at the top of the list so you may need to move the sections around.


When you create a new section, it needs to have a title. If necessary, a visibility date range can be set, if you want the section hidden until a specific date.   


This can be edited at any time. From the section options menu ( ... ) select edit.

You can create a copy of the the section and attach it to another list you own.

Notes can be added to sections.

Delete Section/ Delete Citations

If you decide you don't need the section, for example you have used a template but only require Modules 1-8 you can easily delete the section. Please note this will delete all citations in that section as well. This can't be undone.

If you think you might like to use the citation again on a different list, copy the citation to "My Collection" before you delete the item from the Readings list.

Please note if you accidentally delete an item that required a copyright check/ notice under the Educational Statutory license contained in the Copyright Act. The library will need to re-do the compliance check.

Have questions? Need help?

Contact the Learning Access Team via the Readings query in Service One


Add Notes to your Readings list