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Knowledge management for research groups

Guidelines on how to name and share files and coordinate research projects.

Project coordination

The simplest way to coordinate a project is to maintain a spreadsheet or database containing the metadata for various activities. 

For example, a spreadsheet can be used to track the progress of an article through the journal publication process. 

Columns might include title or identification number, author or creator, relevant dates (creation, submission, completion etc), status (in progress, name of person responsible), plus free text columns for notes.

This spreadsheet could be used to create metadata for a research data archive or other output. If so, it is important to use an appropriate metadata standard when setting up the spreadsheet. Contact eResearch for more information.

If interested parties (e.g. authors, subscribers) need to be notified when an issue is published, a column containing email addresses (with no extraneous characters) can be simply copied into a To: field in an email message (for large lists prefer the BCC field)


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