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MIDW3305 - Searching the research literature

A guide to support students searicng the literature for MIDW3305

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  • This guide takes you through the process of creating a well constructed  search to support your research assignment by helping you find relevant resources, usually journal articles.
  • If you are unfamiliar with searching there is a lot of information here so please make sure you have a clear understanding of each section before moving to the next.
  • Throughout the guide look out for links that take you to supporting resources that can help your understanding if you're unsure.
  • There are activities in each section to reinforce what you need to understand for each part of the searching process.  Try and apply each activity to your own search and use the example search to show you the way.
  • If you have any problems or questions about this module please let me know.

Database Syntax Guide - Use this guide to find the correct syntax for the different databases that you are using.


MIDW3305 - Searching the research literature

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