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Altmetrics provides information at the article level on social/online reach and includes information derived from: page views, downloads, shares, tweets, blog posts, news articles etc.

Altmetric Bookmarklet is a free tool that allows you to instantly get article level metrics for any paper (with a DOI) for free. Download the bookmarklet here.


  • Altmetrics provides instantaneous information on dissemination and online reach of articles. It is more immediate than traditional article metrics (ie citations) which can take years to gather.
  • Covers a wider range of sources especially conferences, technical reports and eprints.
  • Easier to calculate some of the less common metrics since it is not linked to proprietary data.


  • May be considered less authoritative than citation metrics.

Citation Tracking

Citation Tracking enables you to track a journal article of interest and see which subsequent articles have cited your original article.

Citation tracking allows you to see the reach of your research and can be useful when you want to see how your original article has been discussed and received by the research community.

Citation Tracking looks at a single article and the subsequent articles that have cited it.

To track citations within Web of Science:

  • Go to Web of Science.
  • Click on the Cited Reference Search link.
  • Search for the relevant journal article.
  • Web of Science will present you with a list of matching articles. Sometimes there are a number of different citations. These are usually the results of minor citation errors by article authors.
  • Select all that apply and click Finish Search.
  • You will then be presented with a complete list of articles that have cited your original research.


The Cited Reference Search Tutorial shows you how to track a citation using Scopus. To track citations within Scopus:

  • Search Scopus for your article.
  • In the 'Cited By' column on the results page, click on the linked number, e.g. '20', to view the details of articles that have cited your original article.
  • Click on 'View Citation Overview' to see a table showing citations over time, and to obtain citation metrics.

Google Scholar offers citation totals for journal articles and other items in its database.

To track the citations within Google Scholar:

  • Search for the article.
  • If the article has been cited by another source, a Cited by link will appear below the article entry in Scholar's search results.
  • Click the Cited by link.
  • It will display a list of articles that have cited the original article.