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Keeping Up to Date

Keep up to date with the published research in your field

Keeping Up to Date

Keep up to date with the published research in your field by using automatic alerts. Alerts are available through FindIt@Flinders and most other databases. They can be used to

  • Inform you of new results from your saved searches (Search Alert)
  • Send you the table of contents of new journal issues (Table of Contents Alert)
  • Let you know when an individual work is cited (Article Citation Alert)
  • Let you know when an researcher publishes further works (Author Alert)

Search Alerts

You can save your searches in Findit@Flinders and most other databases. New results for your queries can be sent directly to you by email or RSS allowing you to keep up to date with recently published research, saving you time and effort.    

Table of Contents Alerts

No longer worry about missing an issue of your favourite journal! You can have the table of contents (ToC) of journals emailed directly to you. This function is available in most databases. You can also go to most individual journal websites to set up ToC alerts if the database you like using does not offer this service.

Article Citation Alerts 

Want to know when your work is cited? Many databases offer a citation alert service that will inform you when a chosen work is cited.

Author Alerts

Want to know when a key researcher publishes new material? In many databases you can follow an author to receive email updates every time a new work by that author is indexed in that database. You can also set an author citation alert in some databases such as Scopus that inform you whenever anyone publishes a work that cites a particular author.


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