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Flinders University Library's guide to Bibliometrics, research impact and research tools.

Maximise Research Impact

Maximise your research impact:

  • Publish strategically: Select the right journal for you [See: Journal Impact].
  • Disseminate widely: make your work Open Access through your Institutional Repository the Flinders Academic Commons [See: Open Access].
  • Define your digital footprint: link your online identities together using ORCID and further disseminate your work.

How to Link Your Online Profiles

Define Your Digital Footprint

Your ORCID iD is guaranteed to persistently resolve to your identity, use it to link to your other research profiles to define your digital footprint.

Your ORCID record can contain links to your other online profiles including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, ResearchGate, Academia.edu, and your Flinders University Staff Web Profile. Complete the loop by updating your Flinders Staff webpage with your ORCID and other relevant profiles, and don't forget to edit your ResearchGate profile to include your ORCID iD.


Your ORCID record can be linked to multiple external webpages such as a personal website, department profile, Wikipedia page, or social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and others.

Under the Website section, enter information about the website into the Description and URL boxes.

  1. Enter a description of the website. This description is displayed as part of your record and should be kept brief.
  2. Enter the full URL of the website you want to link to.

Saved websites display with the just the description, which links to the URL you provided. You can add an unlimited number of websites but each must have a unique URL, websites with the same URL as a previously added website will not save.

To edit your Staff Business Web Page follow the Instructions on the Flinders Unviersity Staff Business Web Pages website.

To link your profiles together, edit the 'Social Media link' section.

The following social media links can be added:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Google Scholar
  • ResearchGate
  • Blog

Once added they will appear on your Flinders University profile page in the top left corner.

Add your ORCID iD (and more) to your ResearchGate profile. Log in to your profile, edit Info, and add your other identifiers to your ResearchGate profile.

The following can be added to your ResearchGate profile:

  • Staff Business Web Page (in Websites)
  • Twitter
  • ORCID iD