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Readings for Topic Coordinators

Create your topic readings list

Create a new Readings list


In your FLO topic page follow the Readings link

The Library has recreated your current Reading lists in the new system.

If the library hasn't created a list for your topic* you will be prompted to create a new list.

Selecting the 'Create It' produces a blank template options for you to select from. Items can be added using the library search, create, or cite me functions. Students will be able to view citations as they are added.

If selecting the 'Upload It' option, you can upload a word or pdf reference list. However students will not see the citations until the library has completed processing the list. 


You will have an opportunity to name your Readings list, or it will default to the topic name.

Click Create.


You will now be able to choose from several templates. Whatever option is selected, it can always be edited to add or delete sections. 

If you would like the Library to create a new template please contact the Learning Access Team via the Reading query in Service One

In the example below we have selected a blank list.


  1. Edit the title of the list
  2. Reading list options (For more information see: Other Functions)
  3. List publication status. In "Draft" the list is hidden from students. Change it to "Published" for students to see the list.
  4. Topic Course code list is linked to in FLO
  5. Status of whole Reading list. Once all citations are processed, status will change to complete.
  6. Status bar of citations on list. (For more information see: Key Step Send for processing)


If you have selected the blank option, you will be prompted to create a new Section. You can have as many sections as needed, name and order them as suits your topics needs. Please note, a new section will automatically appear at the top of the list so you may need to move the sections around. See Other useful functions for more information.


Once you have your first section added, you will then get a prompt to add items to the list.

For more information about the ways you can add items to a Reading list please see: Add Citations to your Readings List.


* It is possible a Reading list has been made, but the short course code doesn't match between the two systems. You will be able to see other Readings list under the My Lists section. Contact the Learning Access Team via the Readings query in Service One if you need assistance.

Have questions? Need help?

Contact the Learning Access Team via the Readings query in Service One


Create a readings list