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Send for Processing

Send for processing will notify the library that the list is ready to be finalised and have any copyright materials checked and added.

This is a key step!

Before you send to the library make sure you have tagged any items that need scanning or new links with the "Digitse Me" tag. For more information about this step see: Adding chapters, print articles and scans.

Some resources will automatically become complete, this will happen if the system registers that we hold it electronically. These items won't need to be sent to the library. (If the link doesn't work please mark it as broken in the citation)

You can send the list to the library in 3 ways: Send whole list, Send Section, or Send Citation.

This will then change the status of your Reading lists and citations

Send Whole List:

To send the Whole list to the library simply use the "Send For Processing" button in the tool bar.

Send Section:

If you have edited or added a new section, or are still working on other sections but would like the library to start processing this part of your list you can send an individual section of the list to the library.

Open the section options up using the ellipses (...) and from the drop down menu select the Pin "Send to Library"


Send Citation:

If you have just added a new citation to your list and it needs a scan or check from the library, using the ellipses (...) next to the citation choose the Pin "Send to Library"


Reading and Citation Status:

At the top of your Reading list you will see an overall status bar of items in your list. This will tell you when it was last updated, how many items (citations) on the list and how many sections. It will also tell you how many items are in process by the library. Before you send the list this will be 0.

After you send the list however it will tell you how many items the library will need to review.

You will also see a "Sent" status next to the item.

Once a scan has been processed by the library, a green complete status will show below the citation and View online option becomes available.

Have questions? Need help?

Contact the Learning Access Team via the Readings query in Service One


Send List to Library - Key Step!