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Reports and Notifications

*New for July 2019 - Quick and easy way to view Student Engagement!


Analysis mode allows you to quickly and easily see an overview of student engagement for your lists and citations in the list. While reports can provide a more detailed overview the Analysis mode allows you to see student engagement from within your Readings list.

*Please note these stats are only a rough guide, but should offer a little insight into how students are using your lists.

Click on the Analysis icon to turn the mode on when in your Readings list.

To turn off Analysis mode click the X in the bottom right corner.



From your Lists page, you can turn on Analysis mode and get a quick overview of how all your lists are doing and a view of the Weekly Active Students. (Please note that the Weekly Active Students report is still under development).


When in a Reading list turn on Analysis mode to see the engagement for that list and the citations within.

Click "Display list analysis" to see the overview of the list and click on a section to see the analysis for the citations within that section.

Usage Reports in Readings

Readings allows you to monitor usage of citations on your reading list. These stats are unique to your reading list and do not include usage of the same resource on different lists.

Information is included for:
  • Reading lists for courses for which you are an associated instructor
  • Reading lists for which you are owner/collaborator
The information is divided into three sub-tabs:



Analysis: This provides graphical citation usage information about active, published reading lists.

The graphical information includes:

  •     A bar chart of usage for each reading list
  •     A line chart of weekly usage for each reading list



Usage: The tab contains the following information:

  • General information for each reading list:
    • Course Code
    • Course Name
    • List Name
    • Start and End Date
    • Total citations - The total number of citations
    • Participants - The total number of students
  • Total usage for each reading list:
    • Active Students - The number of students that interacted with the citation in some method: clicked, liked, commented, viewed the material)
    • Activity Score - The average number of citations interacted with by each student
    • Total Full Text Access - The number of times the full text of any citation was accessed (multiple accesses by the same student count multiple times)
    • Total Comments - The total number of comments on all citations
    • Total Likes - The total number of likes on all citations
    • Total Read It - The total number of citations marked "read it" by each student, added together
  •     Weekly usage for each reading list. The No Usage columns are reserved for future use.

You can select a reading list and then select one of the following options from the menu that appears. The fields are the same as on the parent tab.

  •     View Reading List Sections - View usage for this reading list by section.
  •     View Reading List Citations - View usage for this reading list by citation
  •     View Reading List Citation Types - View usage information by each citation type:
    • Manually Added
    • an External URL
    • Digital
    • Electronic
    • Physical


Example of Overview of Usage:


Example of Section Usage information:


Example of Citation usage information:



Inactive: Citation usage information about inactive (either past or future), published reading lists. Contains the same information fields as the previous tab.

Notifications for your Reading lists


Click the bell icon on the top right of the page to view all the notifications for your reading lists.


You are able to narrow down to particular Reading lists and notification types.


The notifications types you will receive and can view are:


  • A citation was removed from a list
  • A comment was added to a citation
  • A comment was added to a reading list
  • A new item was added to a list
  • A note was added to an item
  • A submit lists by date was added to your course
  • A tag was added to a section
  • A tag was added to an item
  • A tag was removed from a section
  • A tag was removed from an item
  • Item status marked as complete
  • Item status marked as declined
  • List status changed to publish
  • New library discussion in Reading list
  • New suggestion in reading list
  • Reading list was deleted
  • Section was deleted
  • The due date was updated in an item
  • You have joined a new reading list as a collaborator.

Have questions? Need help?

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Reports and analytics