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Adding chapters, print articles and scans

Key steps! Notify the library if a scan is needed or a direct chapter link to an eBook needs to be made.

If you wish to have a specific chapter added for your readings list, a journal article that is only held in print or you have added your own scan there are a few extra key steps that are needed to notify the library that this resource needs a scan or check.

Journal articles and Scans:

If you require an article we don't hold or have attached your own scan for us to add, before you send the list to the library you simply need to add a "Digitise Me" tag to the item. Once the list is sent to the library, this will alert the library staff that this item needs scanning or a copyright check.

Next to the citation click on Add tags to item

From the drop down menu, select "Digitise Me".


You can then add other Tags if needed (See Tags for more information about what they all mean). Click Save

Once this step is complete, send to library. The library will be alerted that the resource needs a scan and copyright check.


Book Chapters:


If you require a specific chapter from a book you will need to edit the citation to book chapter and add a "Digitise Me" tag.

In the citation for the book, go to the ellipsis (...) for the citation and select 'Edit item'


This will open up an edit item details form. In the Type drop down menu, select: book chapter. The options on the form will update (if you added the citation using library search, some fields will auto fill).

Complete the form with the information you have.


Lastly, add the "Digitise Me" tag. Notice the chapter title is now the main heading of the citation. Once the "Digitise Me" tag has been added, send to library. See Key step: Send to Library. If required, the citation will be 'tidied up' by library staff during processing. 


Have questions? Need help?

Contact the Learning Access Team via the Readings query in Service One


Digitise Me tag: What it is and when to use it