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Items on a Reading list are called Citations.

You can add citations in several ways:

Searching the library collections

Cite It

Create / Add items manually

Add from your collection.

Aspects of a citation in Reading list view:

A) Type of resource i.e book, book chapter, article. How the citation displays is dependent on the type of resource.

B) Title: you can see for a Book chapter, the chapter title displays like a journal article title rather than how an entire Book displays.

C) Check availability shows up for both Books and Copyright Resources. (In some cases it also appears for links where the library has needed to intervene to create a working link)

D) View online shows for items that are online.

E) You can add Tags and Public notes.

F) You will be able to see a view count and if there are any comments for a citation in the bottom right corner of a citation




Aspects inside a Citation:

Copyright/ Scan Citations:

A) The Reading list and section the citation is located.

B) Full details about the citation can be found here, and any Tags applied.

C) Links and availability. Copyright resources will appear within the date range under Visibility.

D) Public notes are visible to students. Only you can see Private notes.

E) Library discussion is a communication channel between you and the Library about that citation.

F) For copyright items you will see a copyright approval status for the item

G) Visibility of citations can be modified to hide a citation from student view until you would like them to see it. Display Materials is the date range copyright resources will be accessible on the reading list. This is locked for copyright resources.


Physical items (Books, DVD's etc.):

H) For items we hold physically in our collection you will be able to see the Library Holdings for the item. It is also possible to place requests on the library items directly from this page.

I) You can set a due date for the Reading if it must be read by a certain date.


Online Resources:

J) For resources that available online, you will see a link or list of links to the resource. If a link does not work, click "Mark as Broken". The Library will receive a notification to replace or fix the link.

The easiest way to add items the library holds to your collection is via a simple search. This search will bring back the same results as a search using findit@flinders.

To add an item via the library search function click on the + sign at the top of the Reading list.


In the search box, simply enter key words or the title you are looking for and Search the library collections.

This can be for articles, books, streaming videos, book chapters* and any other resources you would find via a findit@flinders Search.

Click on Add to include the item on your readings list. Add multiple items, or complete a new search in this tab.

You can also drag and drop the items into the Reading list.


If we hold multiple versions/ editions of a title, the system will alert you with a link to the Additional versions available.

You will be able to see if we hold a newer edition or an eBook of the title.


You will also be able to tell if we hold the resource as a Physical item in our Collection by the bold P, or via our Electronic subscriptions by the bold E.


If we hold the item Electronically, or you are adding a whole print book, the resource may automatically complete and be accessible to students immediately.

*Please note for book chapters or articles from print versions you may need to undertake extra steps, these are outlined in Adding chapters, print articles and scans.

Add items "on the go" while researching or browsing by using the 'Cite it' tool. Add to your Collection for later review, or straight onto a Reading list (or multiple lists).

Add the 'Cite it' tool to your bookmarks toolbar and it's ready to use.

You can find the Leganto 'Cite it' tool in the options drop down under profile once you have logged in.


When open you will see a list of supported sites. These sites work best with Cite it and will pre-populate much of the information needed to create a citation in Readings. Other cites will still work with Cite it however you (or the library) may need to fill in more information.

Drag the blue Cite it box to your bookmarks toolbar


You are now ready to use the Cite it tool. When on a website, simply click the Cite it tool in your bookmarks bar to add the item to your readings list. If the library holds the resource via our subscriptions, in most cases these items will auto-complete the form with the relevant details and automatically complete once you add it to a reading list.

*You may be prompted to login to Readings when using the tool.


You can add the citation directly to your collection, or directly to a particular readings list, by using the Add & close option.

To add the resource to multiple reading lists, select the Add option, changing the dropdown options each time.


The example below has been added to a Collection. For instructions on how to add to a list from your collection, see: Add from your Collection

You can add items manually to a Readings list, this is particularly useful if the library doesn't already hold the resource or only holds the print version of an article.

Please note however that all scans will be mediated by the library to ensure copyright and license agreements are being met.

To add an item or scan manually to a Readings list click on the + at the top of the Reading list


Choose the Create Tab.

This will open a form you can fill out. In the Type drop down you can select what type of resource you wish to add, this will change what options the form gives you. You can also drag and drop or select the scan you wish to add. Once you have filled out the form click Save and add a "Digitise me" tag to the item. (For more information see: Adding chapters, print articles and scans)

My Collection allows you to collate citations that you may wish to reuse or keep for your personal research. You can find out more about My Collection under Other useful functions

To add items from your collection to a reading list simply click on the + at the top of the Reading list and choose the My Collection Tab.


This will open your collection in the right hand side bar. You can then drag and drop the item into your Reading list.

Have questions? Need help?

Contact the Learning Access Team via the Readings query in Service One


Add citations via upload

Viewing and editing readings lists

Add citations via library search

Use Cite It! in Readings