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Readings for Topic Coordinators

Create your topic readings list

Readings for Topic Coordinators

Quick Start Guide to Readings

This guide has been created as a quick starting point for creating lists in Readings. Refer to the Detailed Guide for more in depth instructions.

The Readings list system is the home for all your 3rd party materials, the library will manage and maintain any links and resources saving you the headache of copyright rules, license agreements and broken links. See our handy what's the best home for my... guide on what should go in a readings list.

1) Create

  • Log in to FLO and follow the Readings link.
  • Edit or create a new Readings list
  • Add sections

Sections allow you to break your list up into week or module order. You need to have at least one section on your list to add citations.

  • Add citations (readings)

You can add citations by a library search, create (manual entry) or by using the Cite it tool.

Click to add citations by the library search, to manually create a citation or add an item you saved into your collection.

Follow the steps to add the Cite it tool to your bookmark bar and add citations while browsing the web or databases.

You can drag and drop files into the list.

2) Send for Processing -  KEY STEP!

To ensure all the citations and resources will be available to students you need to Send for Processing the list to the library.

Please ensure you have followed the steps for Adding chapters, print articles and scans if you have any on your list. This assists the library in quickly processing your lists.

Have questions? Need help?

Contact the Learning Access Team via the Readings query in Service One


Get started on your Reading list!

Love your readings list!