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This guide introduces some key search tools and strategies
that will be helpful throughout your studies!

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What is an article?

An article is a piece of academic work published in a scholarly journal.  Articles are the publication of an author's own research (primary) or they can be a review of existing research (secondary).  Articles are written by researchers and experts in their field.

An academic article can be recognised by checking it contains following sections:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Discussion
  • References 

What is an academic journal?

Known as an academic, peer-reviewed, refereed or scholarly journal.  A journal is a scholarly periodical, relating to a specific academic discipline.  It is different than a magazine or a trade journal in that its intended readers are academics, researchers and students.  They can be considered an academic conversation on a chosen topic. 

Journals can be published electronically or in print form.  Nowadays most journals are in electronic form and are indexed in databases.

Not all journals are the same!

Click on the view Full Screen icon below the video to view in a large format

What are Peer Reviewed Articles?

  •  Also called scholarly, academic or refereed articles.
  • Written by academics for an academic audience.
  • Have gone through a quality control process called Peer Review. Experts in the field have agreed that the methodology, arguments etc. are sound.
  • In many academic fields journal articles are the preferred means of publication.
  • Journal articles are about the length of a book chapter and usually contain accounts of research or analysis written by one or more authors.
  • Most articles are part of a journal but when (as they usually are) they are accessed through databases they appear to exist on their own.

Many kinds of peer review or scholarly artlicles, but three main approaches are common:

  • Original articles present the results of research (in the form of empirical studies) for the first time.
  • Review articles are critical evaluations of other published studies.
  • Theoretical articles develop new theories from already existing research.

Why do I need to use them?

  • Most recent and relevant reports of academic research and inquiry.
  • You are required to use them in academic research.
  • Will give you references that will allow you to find other academic research on your subject.

How do I find them?

  • FindIt@Flinders - search for articles and then limit to peer review (as detailed in this video)
  • Library research databases - some only contain peer reviewed content (e.g. Medline). Some allow you to limit to peer review, such as CINAHL.
  • Ulrich's Web


      UlrichsWeb provides an easy way to check whether a journal title is peer-reviewed or not.​

How to use Ulrich's?

1. Click the link above to access

2. Login using your FAN and password

3. Paste in the journal title you are interested in (not the article title)


4. If there is a soccer referee's shirt next to the journal title then it is peer-reviewed

Library World

Library World introduces you to the world of academic, scholarly information.

Like an unfamiliar country, it has its own language and customs, which can be difficult to understand.
Finding appropriate information for your assessments can be hard and often confusing.

We interviewed 40 academics and students at Flinders to share their experience and expertise to help get you started on your Library World journey.


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