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Thesis Submission

How to prepare and complete submission of your final thesis to Flinders University

Thesis formatting

  1. The standard format for digital theses is PDF (Adobe – Portable Document Format). The latest version of Adobe Acrobat should be used to convert the original thesis file.

  2. Data or other accompanying material should be uploaded as separate files.

Visit the using your computer page for templates and guides relating to thesis formatting in Word (prepared by the Centre for Innovation and Learning in Teaching). 

Confidential material

Flinders University advises students to remove your signature (on the declaration page) from the library copy of your thesis, however you may choose to include it.

Care should be taken when including or embedding documents into your thesis that contain signature of third parties. These signatures should be redacted so that they are not visible online. You should also consider if any material in your appendices (such as letters) were intended for public viewing and consider removing them if they were only included for the benefit of your examiners.

Research Awards

Thesis Submission Requirements

You must submit your thesis. Depending on Copyright you may need to submit more than one file. These are:

  1. Thesis (Master copy, original as-examined and passed thesis file).
  2. Open access version (OPTIONAL - only use if different from thesis master copy. ie. If third party copyright or confidential material is removed).

It is mandatory for conferral of the degree and graduation that a master copy of the original as-examined and passed thesis is submitted to the University. The open access version of the thesis will not be made publicly available until after any embargo periods have passed.

1. Thesis

This file should be converted to PDF from the original thesis file using Adobe Acrobat.

Submit the full copy of your final approved thesis (see HDR Thesis Rules, clause 5) to the digital repository, this includes the following:

Clause 5

(a) All theses must include the following:

i. a title page with the title of the thesis in full; the full name and degrees of the student; the name of the college most associated with the work; the completion date of your degree [inclusion of Flinders University crest, available from the Office of Graduate Research, is optional]

ii. table of contents

iii. a thesis summary of not more than 500 words

iv. a declaration by the student, as follows:

"I certify that this thesis:

1. does not incorporate without acknowledgment any material previously submitted for a degree or diploma in any university; and

2. to the best of my knowledge and belief it does not contain any material previously published or written by another person except where due reference is made in the text"

v. an acknowledgment by the student of help given or work carried out by another person or organisation [Recipients of RTP support (fees offsets, stipends or allowances) must acknowledge the contribution of an "Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship" in the thesis and in any publication that arise directly from the research undertaken during the candidature]

vi. the text (i.e., the substance of the student's research and outcomes, or the contextual statement and published works, or the exegesis and creative artifact)

vii. a bibliography, and

viii. appendices if any. 

(b) Other materials (e.g. digital media) may be included in the thesis, if approved by the University at the time of admission or at the Confirmation of Candidature Milestone.

Filename standard: Save the PDF as: ThesisSurnameYear.pdf

(Note: Where Surname is listed, insert your own surname. Where Year is listed, insert year of completion).


2. Open access version (if different from master copy)

If you are required to remove any third party copyright or confidential material from your original thesis, please upload a second version (called an open access version) in addition to the original final approved copy of your thesis. Remove any third party copyright or confidential material and replace it with the following text:

Figure (text/chart/diagram etc) has been removed due to copyright restrictions.

Figure (text/chart/diagram etc) has been removed due to confidentiality.


Filename standard: Save the open access thesis as: ThesisSurnameYearOA.pdf - Only use, if OA version is different from master copy.

(Note: Where Surname is listed, insert your own surname. Where Year is listed, insert year of completion).

If your thesis does not require any changes between the original (master) version and the open access version, submit only the original (master) version and select: Uploaded thesis is my open access version on the submission form.


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