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Nutrition & Dietetics

This guide is a useful starting point for finding academic resources for Nutrition and Dietetics topics taught at Flinders University


This guide is intended to be a starting point for finding resources for Nutrition & Dietetics programmes of study at Flinders University Library.

Below you will find a list of quick links to key databases for Nutrition and Dietetics.

(For more database information and links please go to the Databases page of this guide.)

Singapore students

You will have access to the SendIt: Off-Campus Library Service. The only exception is that the service will not send books overseas. You may request contents pages and chapters from books as well as journal articles. Items are scanned and sent to you via your university email.

Access to other University Libraries in Singapore

Nanyang Technological University -  students may apply for a visitor's pass for a 7 day period which allows them to browse and view the materials within the Library.

The National University of Singapore Libraries - students may apply for access however there is a fee involved.

Are you on placement?

If your placement takes you outside of the Adelaide metropolitan area, you can register to use our SendIt: Off-Campus Library Service.

The service can:

  • post you books and/or email you journal articles
  • arrange for a student ID card to be made and sent to you
  • advise on reciprocal borrowing rights with other university libraries help with finding information.

See the SendIt: Off-Campus Library Service webpage for information on how to register.


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