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Legislation tables

What are legislation tables?
Why should I use legislation tables?
Where can I find legislation tables?
How do I use legislation tables?


What are legislation tables?

aka statute annotator, index to legislation

Legislation tables are resources that list the legislative history of Acts for a particular jurisdiction.

They generally provide:

  • the commencement date of an Act, or if it has been repealed (and which Act repealed it)
  • legislative history
    • a list of later Acts that have amended the Act
    • a list of sections and how each has been amended over time
  • list of delegated legislation made under the Act


Why should I use legislation tables?

  • to see the commencement date of an Act (i.e. when it commenced operation)
  • to find Gazette references to the Act, including proclamations
  • to see a list of amendments made to an Act
  • to identify delegated legislation made under an Act
  • to determine if legislation has been repealed
  • to find a list of cases that judicially consider an Act (only available in the Federal Statutes Annotations)


Where do I find legislation tables?

You can generally find legislation tables on parliamentary or government legislation websites.

More information and links can be found on the Legislation Search Smart Guide.


How do I use a legislation table?

Legislation tables are arranged alphabetically by the title of each Act.