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Gazettes and proclamations

What are gazettes?
What are proclamations?
Why should I use them?
Where can I find them?

What are gazettes?

The Government Gazette is an official journal published by government, containing information such as

  • proclamations that bring legislation into operation
  • notification of government decisions and subordinate legislation
  • public service appointments
  • government ternders
  • electoral notices


What are proclamations?

1. The act of formally and publicly announing, publishing, or declaring something issued and ordained by a competent authority.
2. A formal, public announcement.
3. Publication in the Government Gazette of the consent of the Governor-General for the commencement of legislation.
LexisNexis Concise Australian Dictionary (LexisNexis, 5th ed, 2015)


Why should I use them?

  • To find the commencement date of legislation - i.e. when the legislation commenced operation


Where do I find them?

Government Gazettes are generally available online, although older years may only be in print in the Library.

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