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Delegated legislation

What is delegated legislation?
Why should I use delegated legislation?
Where can I find delegated legislation?


What is delegated legislation?

Delegated legislation is made by a person or body other than Parliament, under authority granted to that person or body by an Act of Parliament.

Deledated legislation can be

  • regulations
  • by-laws
  • rules
  • ordinances
  • etc.

LexisNexis Concise Australian Dictionary (LexisNexis, 5th ed, 2015)


Why should I use delegated legislation?

Delegated legislation provides the detail necessary for the effective operation of an Act.

According to the SA Legislation website, an Act "must be read together with its subordinate legislation for a full picture of the written law ... on a particular topic."


Where do I find delegated legislation?

You can generally find delegated legislation

  • on Parliamentary websites - e.g. SA Legislation, ComLaw
  • on legislation websites - e.g. AustLII, LawOne

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