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What are Academic Books?

  • Also called scholarly books (may be peer reviewed) and sometimes called monographs
  • Written by academics for an academic audience
  • Usually very expensive to buy so the library buys them on your behalf.
  • Can be authored by one or more authors or edited works where many authors contribute chapters.
  • In hard copy and eBook format.
  • Most are published by the major academic suppliers e.g. University Presses (See below for link to Academic Publisher List on Wikipeadia)

Why do I need to use them?

  • Authoritative and credible. Includes in-text citations and reference lists.
  • Provides in-depth analysis of a topic.
  • You may be required to read them or at least some chapters from the for your assignments and required readings.
  • Handbooks, companions, textbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias will give you a good overview of a topic and help you discover keywords, authors, theorists and concepts that may be useful for finding other academic resources in the area.

How do I find them at Flinders?

  • Search for books on FindIt@Flinders - See the FindIt@Flinders Search Smart Guide for more information.
  • Need to find the location number to find a book in the library
  • Books are arranged on the shelves by Dewey Decimal system (See video and link for more information on Finding  a book and Dewey Subject Categories)
  • Organised by collections in each branch library, Central, Law, Medical and Sturt.
  • Readings and Library Resources link on FLO

What if the book I want isn't available at Flinders?

  • Try other University libraries (see reciprocal borrowing link on left for more information)
  • Search for items on Libraries Australia/WorldCAT/Trove
  • Recommend the library purchase books for the collection
  • Post graduates and staff request interlibrary loans through our document delivery service.

Want to learn more?

What are Textbooks? (see also Readings and eReadings)

  • Usually assigned by topic coordinators and listed in topic handbook or FLO page or the Unibook website.
  • May be academic/peer reviewed or scholarly
  • May be electronic but usually in print
  • We may hold many different editions (versions) of a textbook
  • We usually hold multiple copies (see video below for more information)
  • We usually have a copy available for 2 hour loan in the Readings Collection of each branch

Why would I use them?

  • Textbooks may be required reading for your topic and you may choose to purchase them but watch the short video above before deciding if this is necessary.
  • However identifying textbooks in a new area can help you get some basic information and references to get you started with your research

How do I find them?

  • If searching for the textbook for a topic you are enrolled in, use the Readings and library resources link on your FLO topic pages.
  • If you want to find a textbook to get some background information on a topic search for a broad keyword in FindIt@Flinders e.g. Politics and limit the search to Readings
  • You could also try a Google search for university text books and a broad keyword e.g. Sociology - then check FindIt@Flinders to see if we hold the book electronically or in hard copy.
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