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Work with MS Word (cite while you write)

  • EndNote integrates with Microsoft Word to allow you to insert citations into your document as you write.
    This feature is known as 'Cite While You Write'.
  • Please see the videos and class notes below for full CWYW instructions. 
    • To use this functionality, you will need to make sure you have both MS Word and your EndNote Library open.
  • Referencing information and support is available at the Student Learning Centre


Info!  Office 365 (including MS Word) is available to all Flinders staff and students free of charge - click here for details. It is advisable to install MS Word before installing the EndNote software.


Please note that the below videos feature an earlier version of Endnote (X8). Some changes may have occurred in more recent updates. For instructions using X9, please see the PDF and video instructions above.

  • CWYW Basics: Windows (A Live Class Recording)

For more advanced features, follow this link to CWYW: Beyond the Basics: A Live Class Recording (26:06 minutes)

  • CWYW Basics: Macintosh (A Live Class Recording)
  • CWYW: Adding Citations (Windows)

For information on editing citations, follow this link to CWYW: Editing Citations (Windows) (3:02 minutes)

For information on formatting your bibliography, follow this link to CWYW: Formatting the Bibliography (Windows) (2:40 minutes)

  • To add or remove information from in-text citations, or to delete an in-text citation from the document, always use Edit and Manage Citations.

  • Before cutting and pasting text within a document that contains formatted citations, click Convert to Unformatted Citations (in the Convert Citations and Bibliography menu). This will help avoid corruption of the document. To reformat the document, click Update Citations and Bibliography.
  • If you convert your document to plain text you will NOT be able to reformat the document using EndNote. Make sure you have saved a copy that will still link to the EndNote library.
  • Change the style in MS Word before you start entering citations.  Even if you have changed the style in Endnote you will still need to ensure the correct style is selected in Word
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