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  • You can supplement your EndNote Library by attaching full-text PDFs to your references.
    • From within EndNote you have the ability to annotate or highlight full-text PDFs.
    • PDFs attached to your EndNote Library are searchable
  • There are several different methods of attaching full-text PDFs - see below for details. 


Copyright principles apply to any PDF saved to your Endnote Library.  For more information, visit the Copyright section of this guide.


Option 1: Use EndNote to find full-text (via Findit@Flinders)

Step 1: Configure EndNote to find full-text articles

In most instances, EndNote is able to automatically find and attach PDFs of articles held by Flinders University Library. For this to work, you must first configure EndNote to connect with FindIt@Flinders.

Within EndNote, click on the Edit menu (if using a PC) or the EndNote menu (if using a Mac)

Note: You can set EndNote to automatically find full text for all imported references by checking the box below the URLs (see red arrow in diagram below). Not advised if you need to screen articles for relevance first.


Step 2: Select references to find full-text
  • Select one or more references in EndNote.  To select all references in a group use Ctrl + A to 'select all'.
  • Click on References
  • Click on Find Full Text 
  • Click on Find Full Text again
  • Follow the login prompts which will require you to authenticate via OKTA.
  • Once logged in click Continue.
  •  Don't interrupt the process until it is finished. Depending on the number of references being searched, this could take some time.  Look to the 'My Library' panel to see the progress and results of the search for full-text. 

    • If you would like more information about this process, please follow these links through to the full documentation for PC and Mac.

Option 2: Manual Import

  1. Select the reference you wish to attach a PDF to. 
  2. In the Reference Panel, click the paperclip button then select the file you wish to attach. Make sure you save your changes.



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