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Open Access Scholarship

This Guide provides information about Open Scholarship, including the Flinders Academic Commons and issues associated with funder mandate compliance. It is intended for researchers at Flinders University.

Flinders Academic Commons

The Flinders Academic Commons (FAC) is an institutional repository that stores, indexes and disseminates a range of scholarly outputs created by the University's researchers. It contains text, images, sound and data files, the majority of which are openly accessible. 

Items in the FAC are harvested by Trove, and optimised for discovery by Google Scholar.


FAC: Benefits and Considerations


Improved access to your research:  Items in the FAC are openly available on the Web to anyone with an Internet connection, via a permanent citable URL. This can increase the impact of your research by making it more visible and easier to access. In addition, the FAC is indexed by Google,OAIster and Trovefurther enhancing discovery of your scholarly work.

Secure archiving of your research output: Publications in the FAC are archived in a secure digital environment. 

Compliance with funder mandates: The FAC enables researchers to comply with funding mandates to deposit associated publications into OA institutional repositories. See the 'funder mandates' page in this guide for more information.  



Does your work fit under the FAC Collection Development Policy?

Has it been made publicly available before? (published in a book, available on a public website).  If so, who is the copyright holder for the item? Sometimes, copyright is assigned to the publisher as part of the publishing contract; this needs to be checked before including any published work in the FAC.

If it has not been made available before, are there any reasons why it should not be made available publicly? (eg commercial risks, privacy, cultural reasons).

Submission to the FAC

Submission to the FAC is mediated through eResearch @ Flinders in the Library.

We support:

  • mandated deposit to the FAC, to ensure compliance with NHMRC and ARC open access mandates
  • voluntary deposit to the FAC, to increase visibility of your scholarly work.

Please contact us eResearch@flinders.edu.au 



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