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Known Issues & FAQs

Endnote and MacOS Sierra

Thomson Reuters have reported known issues with the current version of Endnote X7 and the newest version of macOS Sierra (10.12).

The first one affects the version of Endnote available to download and use on your own computer from the Flinders website. The installers for Endnote that allow us to set up a download with Flinders licensing are unable to be installed with the license key on macOS Sierra. This will not be resolved until Thomson Reuters release version X8 of Endnote.

The second affects Endnote on both personal and Flinders PCs. An issue with the PDF viewer, means that annotating PDFs needs to be done in an external application.

If you use Endnote, it is recommended to wait to upgrade to macOS Sierra until Endnote X8 is released.

More information can be found in the Endnote knowledgebase here: http://endnote.com/kb/140624

Error message in Word


Error messages sometimes appear in WORD when using desktop endnote in an offline environment. The issue is endnote is trying to update continuously even when not connected up to the internet. If you connect up to the internet this should fix that problem