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Using Endnote with Word

There are many different styles of referencing in the world. Endnote can be told which style to use for both in-text citations and your bibliography/reference list.

Check which referencing style is correct for your class. This should be in your topic handbook or ask your topic-coordinator or tutor.

You can set the output style in Endnote using the dropdown menu from the toolbar.

Once you have installed Endnote, a new toolbar will appear in Word.

To insert a citation, make sure the cursor is at the point in your word document where you want the citation to appear and click the Insert Citation button. The insert reference window will appear.

Search for the required reference in your Endnote library in the Find box. You can search by author, title or any keyword associated with the reference.

Select the required reference and then click on the Insert button. The citation will appear in your document and the reference will be added to your reference list in your selected output style.

To edit the appearance of the citation, right-click on the citation, and hover the cursor over Edit Citation to bring up the menu.

Some referencing styles require the in-text citation to include the page number. To do this, select the More option at the bottom of the menu, or click Edit & Manage Citations in the toolbar.

Add the page number(s) in the Edit & Manage Citations window and click OK.


To format your bibliography/reference list click on the expand arrow in the Bibliography section of the toolbar.

Click on the Layout tab to edit the appearance of the reference list

You can change the title of the list, the font and spacing between references.

If you are using a referencing style that uses footnotes rather than in-text references, you have to insert the footnote first in Word, and then insert the citation within that footnote.



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