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Getting Started

Endnote stores references in a file called a library. You can create a new library by going to the File menu and clicking New.

There is no limit to the number of references that can be stored in a single library. It is recommended that you keep one library to store all your references and use groups to organise them.

This is what the Endnote interface looks like. It is divided into three main panels:

Library Panel

  • Gives an overview of the library and allows you to organise your groups within the library.

Reference List Panel

  • Lists all the references in the library or in the selected group.

  • References in bold are unread. Toggle this by clicking on the circle at the very left of each reference entry
  • References with files attached (i.e. PDF of article full-text) have a paperclip icon next to the entry.

Detail Panel

  • Shows details of the selected reference.
  • From here you can edit the reference details from the Reference Tab.
  • Click on the Preview tab to see how the reference will appear in your bibliography/reference list in your assignment.
  • Click on the Attached PDFs tab to read any attached PDF copies of the reference.


As well as managing references, Endnote will also help you organise and read your saved PDFs of articles and book chapters.

Getting EndNote to find and attach PDFs automatically

See the section on this under Managing References > Finding Full Text with EndNote

Attaching PDFs manually

If you already have the PDF saved to your device:

In the Reference Detail panel, click on the paperclip button.

Navigate to where your saved PDF file is located. Select it and click Open.

The PDF will appear in the Reference Detail Panel.

Reading PDFs

Click on the tab for the PDF in the Reference Detail Panel. Then click on the Open PDF button to read it.

Endnote's PDF reader allows you to highlight, underline or strikethrough text, add sticky notes and search for text (if the PDF file supports it). You can also print the PDF or attach it to an email.

Click the Save button to save any highlighting or notes etc. that you make.

PDF File Names

When you save a PDF from a database, the filename given to it by the database is usually a meaningless string of letters and numbers. Instead of renaming each one individually, you can let Endnote do it for you.

Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences.

Under the PDF Handling section, select what format you'd like your PDF filenames to have.

Whenever a PDF is imported, it will be renamed in the selected format based on it's record.



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