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Foundation Studies

This guide is a great starting point for finding library resources for Foundation Studies


Search FindIt@Flinders for books in the library

Most of the books in the library are scholarly. Just like journal articles they are usually written by academics for an academic audience. 

It is common for academics to write chapters in an edited work on a particular subject. We have thousands of these edited works in the library collection.

You can usually only find academic texts in academic libraries such as Flinders, Adelaide University and University of South Australia. State and local public libraries tend to stock other kinds of material. Google Books has quite a few scholarly texts but you can usually only access a small proportion of the book which can be frustrating.

Use FindIt@Flinders to find books in any of our libraries. FindIt@Flinders is the search box at the top of the library homepage and even this page. It searches across our book collections and online resources. Keep your searches simple and select the facets on the left of the screen to limit your search:

Watch the video below for ideas on how to use FindIt@Flinders to find books.

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Find the books on the library shelves

Our Library books are arranged using the Dewey Decimal System. It is a subject based organisational system, this means that once you find a book that is relevant to your research you will probably find other related items on the shelf around it.

To find any book in the library you need to find the location number which is essentially the address of the book on the shelf.

Watch the videos below for more information on how to find books in the Central Library.


Browse the shelves at these numbers to find books for Topic 1... 

Browse the shelves in the library at the following locations for books about:

100-190 Philosophy
158.2, 302.2 Communication
301 Sociology text books (look for chapters on family, education and climate etc)
303.4833 Social apects of Information Technology
306.85 Families
325.94 Government Policy on Immigration
338.19 Food supply
338.4791 Tourism
363.73874 Climate Change
510 Mathematics
519.5 Statistics

Check out the Sturt and Medical Library collections for books related to Health and the Law Library Collection for books related to Law.

Search FindIt@Flinders for eBooks

The Library provides access to thousands of eBook titles through FindIt@Flinders and other Databases. There is no difference between eBooks and hard copy academic books apart from the format.

The advantage for you of course is that you can access them from anywhere. Watch the short film below to learn how to use FindIt@Flinders to find and access eBooks.


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