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Foundation Studies

This guide is a great starting point for finding library resources for Foundation Studies

Start with what you know!

eReadings are a great place to start your research

As explained in the "What is a scholarly source" video on the "Why can't I just Google?" page, the scholarly sources you are expected to use for your assignments are sources that are written by academics for an academic audience. They are often written in some form of Academese which is according the to Oxford English Dictionary "the language or writing style of academic scholarship". This can be hard for a novice to the field to read and understand.

Also consider these academic journal statistics:

  • There are currently over 40,000 peer reviewed academic journal titles in publication
  • Each title probably publishes a new issue 1 to 4 times a year
  • Each issue may contain 10 or more articles

There is an estimated 50 million plus, peer reviewed articles are out there representing research in every academic field. How do you know what are the most important, useful, relevant ones for your subject?

Take the advice of the experts! While the academics who teach you may not know every article in their field they know the key ones. Usually the will suggest readings to guide you and help your understanding of the topic.

The Foundation Course provides you with some eReadings to get you started on your research for assignments. Watch the video below to see how to access them through FLO.

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Use Academic Encyclopedia not just Wikipeadia

We hold in hard copy and provide online access to hundreds of academic encylopedias that cover all subjects taught in the University. They will provide you with an overview and reefrences and are written by academics for an academic audience! You can confidently use the as references in your papers.

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Use text books for an overview

Textbooks are also useful to get an understanding of a topic. The Flinders University Library holds textbooks on many subjects. They are written by academics for a student audience and intended to introduce students to the theories, concepts and literature of the topic.

Listed below are some suggestions for ways to search FindIt@Flinders to find relevant textbooks in your subject area. Your search will look similar to the image on the right.

Select 'Readings' from the pull down menu on the right of the FindIt@Flinders search box, then enter a broad search term to describe your topic e.g.

  • politics
  • environment
  • sociology
  • globalization OR globalisation
  • communication

We usually hold multiple copies of text books and usually at least one copy will be available on 2 hour loan.

Useful text books for Foundation Studies..

Use references to find more information

See right for an example from your eReadings list for Topic 1 of the Foundation Studies. 

Giddens, Anthony & Sutton, Philip W 2013, 'Social interaction and everyday life', in Giddens, Anthony & Sutton, Philip W,Sociology, 7th edn, Polity, Cambridge, pp. 299-331.

At the end of the chapter the authors suggest further readings.

As you are learning in the Foundation Studies course, referencing sources you use in your papers is an essential convention of academic scholarship, Academic Integrity. 

Learning to reference correctly in your assignments can be tedious and take some time to learn. However, it is really useful when you are looking for information for your assignments because almost every academic book, book chapter or article you read will contain references to other related material you can use.


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