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Foundation Studies

This guide is a great starting point for finding library resources for Foundation Studies

Why can't I just use Google to find information for my assignments?

Google doesn't have everything!

As the image on the image to the right indicates, Google doesn't allow access to all resources on the Internet. Most of the academic or scholarly resources you need to use for academic purposes are hidden in the deep web behind pay walls. The Library pays for access to this material on your behalf.

You may be able to discover some academic resources through a Google Search but when you try to access the text you will often be asked to pay. We strongly recommend that you don't pay for anything but instead return to the library website to find the resource. Once you find it you are usually required to login with your FAN and password to identify as a member of the Flinders University community.

Google Scholar is more useful than a basic Google search because you can configure it to link to Flinders library resources.  It is great, but keep in mind it still doesn't provide you access to everything.

Because we are all so used to the convenience and ease of using Google it can be difficult to understand why it is so hard at times to find academic resources. It can take time to develop the knowledge and learn the skills to research the deep web just as it takes time to learn the skills of writing an essay or referencing the sources you use.

See below to watch an excellent video created by RMIT that explains what academic resources are. At the end of the video they recommend using "Library Search" to find this scholarly information. Library Search is the RMIT Library's version of FindIt@Flinders. You can also limit your searches in FindIt@Flinders to peer review. We also recommend using library databases and Google Scholar. Flinders University Librarians can help you find scholarly resources as well. This guide is going to introduce you to some of the basics of academic library research. Use the tabs to the left to navigate through.



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