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Saved Searches

Findit@Flinders allows you to:

  • save your searches
  • receive email alerts
  • subscribe to rss feeds

You will need to sign in to My Account use these features.

To save a query you will first need to conduct a search and make any desired refinements. In the top left hand corner of the results page there will be the option to Save query (if the save query link is not there, check that you are signed in).

View your saved searches in the Queries tab in My Account. From here you can rerun the search by clicking on the query name, set it up as an email alert or RSS feed, or delete it.

An email alert is a saved query that has been set up to automatically run at a scheduled time with new results sent to your email inbox. Complete a search, name the query and click on Save & alert. You can then nominate an email address for results to be sent to. You can also choose if you want to be alerted only if new results are found or every time the search is run. Searches are run every day so if you choose Send anyway you will receive emails daily.


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