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Speech Pathology

This guide is intended to be a starting point for finding resources for speech pathology programmes of study at Flinders University Library.

Test collection

Procedures for borrowing the Speech Pathology Test Collection

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Tests relating to Speech Pathology and Audiology

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Action picture test Revised edn. 2010 / Catherine Renfrew

AGS Expressive vocabulary test manual 1997 / Kathleen T Williams

Apraxia battery for adults [kit] 2nd ed. 2000 / Barbara Dabul

Arizona battery for communication disorders of dementia 1993 / Kathryn A Bayles, Cheryl K Tomoeda

Articulation survey [kit] 1996 / Neil Atkin & John Fisher

Assessment of aphasia and related disorders See Boston diagnostic aphasia examination

Assessment of children’s articulation & phonology 1993 / Debbie James

Assessment of dysphagia in adults : resources and protocols in English and Spanish 2007 / Maria Provencio-Arambula, D. Provencio, M. Hegde

Assessment of intelligibility of dysarthric speech 1984 / Kathryn M Yorkston, David R Beukelman

Astronaut Invented Spelling Test-2 (A.I.S.T.-2) 2014 / Roslyn Neilson

AusTOMs for speech pathology [kit] 2004 / Alison Perry and Jemma Skeat



Basic level workbook for aphasia 2010 / Susan Howell Brubaker

Behavior assessment battery for school age children who stutter 2007 / Gene J Brutten & Martine Vanryckeghem

Boston diagnostic aphasia examination, [kit] 3rd ed. 2001 / Harold Goodglass with the collaboration of Edith Kaplan and Barbara Barresi

Building resilience with strengths-based CBT 2015 / Christine A Padesky

Bus story test : a test of narrative speech 2010 / Catherine Renfrew



C.E.L.F. See Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals

Children’s Communication Checklist - (C.C.C.-2) [kit] 2nd ed. 2003 / Dorothy V. M. Bishop

Classic Aphasia Therapy Stimuli (C.A.T.S.) 2006 / Paul T Fogle, Lynda J. Reece. English/Spanish ed. Stockton, Calif: Communicaiton and Rehabilitation Therapies

Clinical and instrumental evaluation of voice disorders [videorecording] 2007 / Claudio F. Milstein

Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (C.E.L.F.-4) [kit]  2003 / Eleanor Semel [et al]; the Psychological Corporation

Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (C.E.L.F.-4 : Australian) [kit] 4th Australian ed. 2006 / Eleanor Semel, Elizabeth H. Wiig, Wayne A Secord

Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (C.E.L.F.- Preschool 2 Australian) [kit], 2nd ed. 2006 / Elisabeth H Wiig, Wayne A Secord, Eleanor Semel

Clinical evaluation of dysphagia 1986 / Leora Reiff Cherney, Carol Addy Cantieri, Jean Jones Pannell

Comprehensive aphasia test [kit] 2004 / Kate Swinburn, Gillian Porter and David Howard

Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language (C.A.S.L.) [kit] 1999 / Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk

Comprehensive Test Of Phonological Processing - (C.T.O.P.P.) 1999 / Richard K. Wagner, Joseph K. Torgesen, Carol A. Rashotte



Daz Roberts’ test of articulation 1986 / Daz Roberts

D.E.A.P. See Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology

Denver 2 [kit] 1990 / William K Frankenburg

Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology (D.E.A.P.) [kit] 2002 / Barbara Dodd [et al]

Dysarthria profile [kit] 1987 / SJ Robertson

Dysphagia evaluation [kit]: consultation to instrumental exam 2004 / Joseph Murray



Early Language Milestone scale (E.L.M.) scale-2 1993 / James Coplan

Evaluation of pediatric feeding and swallowing 2008 / Amy Hasselkus; Joan C Arvedson



Fisher-Logemann Test of articulation competence [kit] includes therapist manual, test booklet and sentence articulation test sheets 1971

Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test (F.A.S.T) test manual [kit]: a test for use by non-specialists to screen patients for the presence of aphasia / by Pamela Enderby, Victorine Wood and Derick Wade

Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment (F.D.A.) 1983 / Pamela M Enderby

Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment (F.D.A. - 2)  2dn edn. 2008 / Pamela M Enderby

Functional Communication Therapy Planner (F.C.T.P) 1999 / Linda. Worrall

Functional Communication Therapy Planner (F.C.T.P) e-book 1999 / Linda. Worrall



Goldman Fristoe 2 [kit] : Test of Articulation (G.F.T.A.-2) 2000 / Goldman, Ronald, Fristoe, Macalyne; Williams, Kathleen T

Grammar And Phonology Screening test - (G.A.P.S.) 2007 / Heather Van der Lely



Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns (H.A.P.P.-3) [kit] 3rd ed. 2004 / Barbara Williams Hodson





KiddyCat: communication attitude test for preschool and kindergarten children who stutter [kit] 2007 / Vanryckeghem, Martine. Brutten, Eugene Jerome



Lessac-Madsen resonant voice therapy 2008 / Katherine Verdolini Abbott

Lindamood phoneme sequencing program for reading, spelling and speech: the LiPS program 3rd ed. 1998 / Patricia C Lindamood, Phyllis D Lindamood



Mann Assessment of Swallowing Ability (M.A.S.A.) [kit] 2002 / Giselle Mann

Manual: Language for cognition screening assessment (L.F.C.) 1996 / Lizette Willinck

Manual for the depression anxiety stress scales [kit] 2nd ed. 1995 / SH Lovibond, PF Lovibond

Manual of speech perception 2001 / Australian Hearing




Neale analysis of reading ability Rev ed.1988 / Marie D Neale

New Reynell developmental language scales [kit] 4th edn 2011/ Joan Reynell



Oral and Written Language Scales (O.W.L.S.) [kit] 1996 / Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk

Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering (O.A.S.E.S.) 2008 / J. Scott Yaruss, Robert W. Quesal



P.A.L.P.A. see Psycholinguistic Assessments of Language Processing in Aphasia

Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (P.P.V.T.- 4) [kit] 4th ed. 2007 / Lloyd M. Dunn, Douglas M. Dunn, American Guidance Service

Peter and the cat narrative assessment instructions and examples 2003 / Suze Leitao

Phonological awareness test 2 [kit] 2007 / Robertson, Carolyn. Salter, Wanda

Phonological awareness training for reading [kit] 1994 / Joseph K Torgesen, Brian R Bryant

Phonological profile for hearing impaired [kit] 1990-1991 / Iris Vardi

Phonology resource pack for adult aphasia 2001 / Sarah Morrison

P.L.A.I. See Preschool Language Assessment Instrument

P.L.S. see Preschool Language Scales

P.P.V.T. 4 See Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test

Preschool and primary inventory of phonological awareness [kit] 2000 / Barbara Dodd [et al.]

Preschool Language Assessment Instrument : the language of learning in practice (P.L.A.I.) (Experimental edition)1978 / Marion Blank, Susan A Rose, Laura J Berlin

Preschool Language Assessment Instrument (P.L.A.I. 2) [kit] 2nd ed. 2003 / Marion Blank, Susan A Rose, Laura J Berlin

Preschool Language Scale (P.L.S.) [kit] 4th ed. 2002 / Zimmerman, Irla Lee. Steiner, Violette G. ; Pond, Roberta Evatt. ; Psychological Corporation

Preschool Language Scales (P.L.S. - 5) [kit] 5th ed. 2012 / Irla Lee Zimmeman, Violette G. Steiner

Preschool Language Scales (P.L.S.- 5) Screening test See Screening test P.L.S.-5 : Preschool Language Scales 

Processing power [kit] 1997 / Jeanane M Ferre

Psycholinguistic Assessments of Language Processing in Aphasia (P.A.L.P.A.) 1992 / Janice Kay, Ruth Lesser, Max Coltheart



Queensland University Inventory of Literacy (Q.U.I.L) [kit] 1996 / B Dodd



Rating laryngeal videostroboscopy and acoustic recordings : normal and pathologic samples 2nd edn. 2016 / Wendy DeLeo LeBorgne

Renfrew language scales See Action picture test ; Bus story test : a test of narrative speech ; Word finding vocabulary test

Reynell developmental language scales see New Reynell developmental language scales

Rice Wexler test of early grammatical impairment [kit] 2001 / Mabel L Rice, Kenneth Wexler

Right hemisphere language battery 2nd edn. 1994 / Karen. Bryan

Rossetti infant-toddler language scale: a measure of communication and interaction [kit] 2006 / Louis Rossetti



School Entry Alphabetic and Phonological Awareness Readiness Test (S.E.A.P.A.R.T.) 2014 / Roslyn Neilson

Screening test PLS-5 : Preschool Language Scales / 2013 Irla Lee Zimmerman, Roberta Evatt Pond, Violette G. Steiner

S.E.A.P.A.R.T. See School Entry Alphabetic and Phonological Awareness Readiness Test

Sentence processing resource pack [kit] 1999 / Jane Marshall [et al]

Social networks [kit]: a communication inventory for individuals with complex communication needs and their communication partners 2003 / Sarah W Blackstone, Mary Hunt Berg; (in collaboration with The Berleley Study Group, Patricia Dowden [et al])

Sound judgement / 2003 Jenni Oates, Alison Russell

South Tyneside Assessment of Phonology (S.T.A.P.) test booklet  2002

South Tyneside assessment of syntactic structures 2005

S.P.A.T.-R [kit] See Sutherland phonological awareness test

Speech Therapy Aphasia Rehabilitation (S.T.A.R.) workbook / 2013 Amanda Anderson

Stuttering counts measuring stuttering and speech rate : an education resourse [sic] / 2002 Susan Louise Block, Georgia Dacakis

Stycar Hearing 1976 / Mary D. Sheridan (Mary Dorothy)

Stycar Vision  1976 / Mary D. Sheridan (Mary Dorothy)

Sutherland Phonological Awareness Test – (S.P.A.T.-R) [kit] Rev ed 2003 / Roslyn Neilson



T.A.P.S.-3 [kit] See Test of Auditory Processing Skills

Test for Reception of Grammar - (T.R.O.G.) [kit] 2nd ed. 1989 / Dorothy V. M. Bishop

Test manual for the hearing measurement scale: incorporating descriptive analyses of the development and performance of the scale as an interview, and as a paper-pencil form, and a revised manual for administration of the scale 1979 / William G Noble

Test of Auditory Processing Skills (T.A.P.S.-3) [kit]  3rd ed. 2005 / Martin, Nancy. Brownell, Rick

Test of Problem Solving - (T.O.P.S.) [kit] Adolescent 1991 / Linda Zachman [et al]

Test of Problem Solving - (T.O.P.S. 3) [kit]: elementary, 2005 / Linda Bowers, Rosemary Huising, Carolyn LoGiudice

Toddler Phonology Test [complete kit] : (T.P.T.)  2011 / McIntosh, Beth.; Dodd, Barbara

T.O.P.S. See Test of Problem Solving

T.R.O.G. See Test for Reception of Grammar




Verbal Motor Production Assessment for Children (V.M.P.A.C.) [kit] 1999 / Deborah Hayden, Paula Square




Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (W.I.S.C. - IV Australian) 2003 / David Wechsler

Western Aphasia Battery - (W.A.B.-R.) Rev ed. 2007 / Andrew Kertesz

Willinck, Lizetter See Manual: Language for cognition screening assessment (L.F.C.)

W.I.S.C.- IV Australian See Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children

Word finding vocabulary test   (Renfrew Language Scales) 2010 / C.E. Renfrew





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