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Open Access

Open Access is the process of making your research outputs freely and publicly available online.

What is Open Access?

Open Access is the process of making your research outputs freely and publicly available online. There are different ways to make your research works available for open access. For advice or further information about these options, please contact eResearch@flinders. Open Access disseminates your work more broadly and can therefore increase citation of your works.

Open Access and the Flinders Academic Commons

There are two types of Open Access which are known as Green Open Access and Gold Open Access. Flinders University supports Green Open Access via the Flinders Academic Commons, our Institutional Repository. Making work available through the Flinders Academic Commons complies with ARC and NHMRC madated Open Access requirments at no cost to the author. It is done in conjunction with traditional publication methods but depending on licensing conditions can also be used in conjunction with Gold Open Access publishing as well. eResearch @ Flinders will ensure compliance with publisher copyright requirements and ARC and NHMRC open access mandates.

Green Open Access

Green open access is the practice of depositing a copy of your published research work in an institutional repository such as the Flinders Academic Commons.

If your work has already been published, you may have assigned some rights to your publisher. However, this does not automatically mean that the work cannot be archived in the FAC. Most publishers allow deposit of an “author version” of their work in an institutional repository; this is usually the manuscript submitted to the publisher after peer-review and includes any changes from the peer-review process. It does not include the formatting, including pagination, watermarks or any other journal identifiers, of the published version. Library staff can assist in checking the copyright status of all research outputs before they are uploaded to the FAC.

Some publishers’ agreements allow authors to retain some rights, while other publishers use Creative Commons licences. If you wish to check the publisher’s policy before submitting your work, consult the following:


Gold Open Access

Gold Open Access refers to the practice of paying a fee to the publisher at the time of publication to enable immediate open access to the research work from their website. This is done at the article level, and is sometimes described as an “article processing fee”. Some publishers are exclusively open access, some publish hybrid open access journals (where only some articles are available openly), and others require a fee to be paid if depositing a copy of the published work in an institutional repository. Consult the following to find a publisher who allows open access upon payment:

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