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ORCID & Researcher Identifiers

Establish your researcher identity with Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID). This guide will provide information on how to connect and create your ORCID and how to keep your research profile up to date.

Display and Use your ORCID iD

Improve discoverability of your online identity by displaying your ORCID iD as broadly as possible. Express your 16 digit ORCID iD as a URI.

Example:  http://orcid.org/0000-0001-5375-981X

Staff Web Page
Once you sign up or connect your ORCID iD through Flinders University's RePortal your ORCID iD will be automatically displayed on your Flinders University staff web page.

Business Card
Have your ORCID iD printed on your Business Card.

eg: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-5375-981X

Email Signatory instructions: Your ORCID iD is displayed in RePortal as a result of your sign up. Copy the ORCID iD URL as displayed in RePortal (include the ORCID iD icon) and paste (hint: keep the source formatting so the link works) and save! If you're using Microsoft Outlook, open a new E-mail, select Signatures... [follow instructions above and save].

Use your ORCID iD in manuscript submission, grant applications & professional society memberships. ORCID doesn’t replace existing identifiers (Scopus Author ID, Researcher ID) or profiles (Staff web page, academia.edu, ResearchGate) but allows you to link them together by embedding your ORCID iD wherever possible.

Authorise CrossRef (article DOIs) and DataCite (Dataset DOIs) to 'write' to your ORCID record automatically. Once authorised, CrossRef and DataCite will 'push' publication information to your ORCID record when you submit your ORCID iD during the manuscript submission process. Go to Publications for instructions.

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