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ORCID & Researcher Identifiers

Establish your researcher identity with Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID). This guide will provide information on how to connect and create your ORCID and how to keep your research profile up to date.

Manage Profile Access

Grant access to a trusted individual

Do you have administrative staff who manage your publications on your behalf? You can grant permission to another ORCID user to update your ORCID record on your behalf. You can revoke this permission at any time by visiting the account settings page.To grant access to a trusted individual (delegate) go to the Account Setting tab when you are logged into your ORCID record.

Under Account Settings, scroll down to the Trusted individuals section.

In the search box, enter the ORCID iD, e-mail address, or name of the person you want to make a trusted individual then click search. If you enter an email address or ORCID iD, a pop-up box will ask you to confirm adding that user as a trusted individual, click Add. A user must have an ORCID iD before you can make them a trusted individual.

If you search for a trusted individual by name, a list of matching ORCID records will be listed. Click on the Add button next to the name of the user you wish to make a trusted individual, or click on the user's name to be taken to their ORCID record. If a user is already a trusted individual on your account you can click the trash can icon to remove them.

Manage your trusted individual list

After you have added a trusted individual to your ORCID record, their name and ORCID iD will appear under the Trusted Individual section. To remove a trusted individual from your account click the trash can icon next to the person you wish to remove.

Manage Permissions with ease

1. Sign into your ORCID account, you will see a tab for Account settings at the top of the screen, you can also access Account Setting at https://orcid.org/account.

2. Select Manage Permissions or scroll down the page to the Trusted Organizations section. To revoke permission simply select the Trash can icon and select confirm.

Write to another person's record

In order to write content to another person's ORCID profile, you must recieve delegated write access through the trusted individuals permisions. Please see 'delegate write access of your ORCID profile' for detailed instructions.

Once you have received 'Trusted individual' status, you may write the person's ORCID iD.

  1. To write to this profile first log in to your own ORCID account and then select 'Switch Account'.
  2. Select Researcher and start adding to the profile.
  3. See Update your Profile for instructions.

Who can see your ORCID record?

Anyone can see your ORCID record.  By default, with the exception of your email address, information in your ORCID record is publicly available.  However, only your name and ORCID ID must be publicly available.  You control access to any other information you add to your ORCID record. 

You can choose among three levels of security: Public (anyone can see it); Limited (you authorize Trusted Parties to see it); and Private (only you can see it.)  Simply login to ORCID and use the icons to the right of each item in your record to set the access control you want. 

Flinders University recommends you follow the default ORCID privacy settings.


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Need Help with ORCID?

If you have questions about ORCiD, please send an email to the address below.