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ORCiD & Researcher Identifiers

What is ORCiD?

What is ORCID?

ORCID® (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) provides a persistent digital identifier to researchers. This identifier is used to link a researcher to their research outputs and activities.


  • Disambiguates authors
  • Connects you to your research activities throughout your research career.
  • Is portable
  • Is increasing required in publication workflow by publishers such as Springer Nature, IEEE and Wiley. A list of publishers who require ORCiDs can be found here.
  • Is encouraged or required by many funding bodies such as the ARC or NHMRC


ORCiD is a not-for-profit organization. For more information on ORCiD visit https://orcid.org/

What is ORCID? from ORCID on Vimeo.

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Need Help with ORCID?

If you have questions about ORCiD, please send an email to the address below.