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Online Academic Profile Guide

This guide has been created to help you navigate through the process of creating, developing and mastering your online presence.  

Our aim is to help you achieve the basic institutional requirements (bronze), work through recommended linkages to functional online elements (silver), and lastly we will suggest enhancements and connectivity options for you to consider engaging with; according to the levels of time and resources that are available to you as an individual (gold).

  • Bronze: basic institutional requirements
  • Silver: recommended linkages to functional online elements
  • Gold: suggested enhancements and connectivity options


How to use this guide

Considering that access to resources and time differs for each individual, we have designed this guide so that it be followed as a worksheet from start to finish. Alternatively, the guide can be browsed on an as needs-basis, each section can be skimmed for the information that you need when you need it. 

​If you require assistance at any point in using this guide, we encourage you to contact us or make an appointment with one of our Research Services Librarians.


Why do I need to work on my online academic profile?

Your online profile is the combination of your academic activity and presence online 

Creating and maintaining your online academic profile will

  • Help the academic community and beyond connect with and cite your work

  • Increase your ability to track and measure your impact across multiple platforms

  • Ensure that your work and its impact is correctly connected and traceable to you 

  • Help you find, and be found by, new collaborators and sources of funding


Key tools covered within this guide:

Author disambiguation: ORCID, ResearcherID 

Search engines: Google Scholar, Scopus 

Social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs 

Communities: Academia.edu, ResearchGate 

Dissemination: The Conversation, your email signature, Inspiring Research

Affiliated Institution profile: Flinders University staff business web pages

Bronze- Basic Requirements 

Populate your Flinders Researcher Profile with your publications. This is done via ReserachNow

Get and link and your ORCiD to Flinders University. Instructions for how to do this can be found on the left hand side of this page under ORCiD, or here

Silver-Link to services to increase visibility 

Build your Flinders Staff business page. 

Link your ORCiD to trusted organisations such as CrossRef, Researcher ID, DataCite etc. 

Upload copies of your publications to the Flinders University Commons (FAC). The FAC is Flinders' institutional repository. You can upload a copy of your work that honors copyright, for example a version without the publisher's formatting. This is known as a pre-print. Publications in the FAC are findable via both Google and Google Scholar. 

Create an additional profile such as Google Scholar

Gold-Conscious, active interaction 

Use social media to disseminate your research 

Twitter- eg Tara Brabazon 

YouTube/Blog/Vlogging-Tara Brabazon’s YouTube channel 

Who is talking about you? Use Impactstory to capture altmetrics 

Maintain your profiles and consider if another platform could be of benefit. Be strategic and add them one at a time. They take time and maintenance 

Share your data via ARDC or figshare 

Get credit for peer review via Publons 

Contact Research Development and Support (RDS)  to showcase your research in Inspiring Research 

Contact the Conversation for external visibility 

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